Surviving Spiritual & Narcissistic Abuse – The Benefits of Self Caring – Video 7

This was the first time I experienced “self-caring.”  

I was advised by my counselor to “self-care” as it is not “selfish.”  I was perplexed by this idea as I have never thought about this concept.  I know of women having a spa day or girls night out and so I thought I’d give it a try at a conference I was speaking at in Pasadena Ca

There is something refreshing to chill and relax…intentionally.  I spent some quality time praying, journaling and spending time with Jesus.  I’ve become a fan of self-caring as it’s important to stop….and allow the thoughts and ideas we have to fully develop and be documented.  Everyone has a system of innovating.  Some people go on a retreat or spend the weekend at the beach, whatever they need to do to wind down and self-care, I say do it!

May all of us who serve the Lord be found worthy of the call in our lives.  May we be found consistent in living a life that is pleasing to our King.  May we self care so we can properly reflect Jesus.  However big or small your circle of influence is, you are influencing  a soul and you will be held accountable for that soul when heaven fills your eyes.

Be a legit follower of Christ.  When you fall and fail…fall and fail forward.  Cast down your pride and take the call in your life seriously!  I was let down by those I looked up to and loved.  I was mistaken thinking those men had my best interest in mind.  Christ has our best interest first and foremost.  The Lord does place people in our lives for His purposes.  For me, the people that were in my life, started living for themselves and their own agendas.  I let them know I knew what was going on and they decided to cover the sin up instead of honoring the positions they had and biblically handle the situation.  They decided to not get mad and get even…. this is how abuse and hurt happens to those we are serving if we forget who we belong to,  that we have a responsibility to the flock and this earth is NOT our home. 

I pray I can help just one person that has been affected by spiritual abuse with my story.  I am healing and want to say..YOU will too.  All of this is survivable.  My prayer is that hope and God’s promises are revealed to you as well.

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