Need an Event to Connect With the Families at Your Church?

Do you remember when you received a prestigious award at school or at work?

Do you remember when you got your first bible?

I’m banking on the fact that most of us can remember our awards much easier than when we got our first bible. The contrast of those events is something Group Publishing helped me capture and share with parents that their kids journey with Christ should be celebrated just as much as a graduation, end of season soccer party or birthday.  It’s a milestone, a biblical milestone!

In December, I held our 2nd “First Things First Bible Celebration.”  Our 1st graders were given their first bible in front of the entire congregation  A few weeks prior, a parent/child orientation was held to teach the 1st graders the significance of having their very own copy of God’s Word. On Sunday Dec. 8th, families were brought up on to the stage and Pastor Mike prayed over the bible recipients and their families.  It sure did make our 1st graders feel special and most of all, they felt supported by their church family.

As a Kid’s Director, I have found myself praying for ways that I can get to know my families more intimately.  I must say the unexpected blessing that developed through sharing this milestone with my 1st grade families was a unique… connection.  That connection benefited me so surprisingly.  Not only did the families receive a blessing, but I totally grew closer to some of the families through this event.  The 2nd graders who got their bibles last year got to relive the moment as they watched the celebration this year.  One of the things I love about ministry is that we have the privilege to be a part of a child’s story.

I highly recommend the curriculum “Family Faith Celebrations” by Group Publishing which covers other biblical milestones such as baby dedications, baptisms, salvation and more.  The idea came from Pastor Brian Haynes book titled, “Shift.”  I just wanted to share a “win-win” ministry idea.  Check it out and if you decide to implement this at your church, let me know how it worked out for ya.

Here’s the link to “Family, Faith Celebrations” Set

Here’s the link to “Shift” by Brian Haynes





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